Sate Lilit


  • Fish tuna
  • Falm sugar
  • Stick Sate
  • Salt and pepper
  • Basa gede (Bumbu Bali)

Tuna finely chopped until smooth after bali mixed with spices and sugar falm thereafter in bumbuin with salt and pepper after it in a wrap-made skewers on the grill afterward.

Nasi Kuning Mebasa Bali


  • Nasi (Rice)
  • Basa gede (Bumbu Bali)
  • Kol (White Cabage)
  • Caysin
  • Egg
  • Salt and pepper

Sauteed butter then enter the egg after it was input sauted bali spice up its smell out after that input caysin, carrot, leek, white rice after wilt enter ouch until blended after seasoning with salt, pepper and chicken powder.

Sambal Matah


  • Bawang merah (Shallot)
  • Bawang putih (Garlic)
  • Cabe rawit (Cayane pepper)
  • Cabe besar (chili pepper)
  • Sereh (lenon grass)
  • Jeruk limo (lime kaffir)
  • Terasi udang

Sliced onion, chili, lemongrass, chilli big slices rather thin after that mix together until smooth ouch thereafter in fruit content limo. shrimp paste and a little oil and salt and pepper.